Book Review_”Finding Fortune”

Finding Fortune by Pippa Goodhart

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The book “Finding Fortune” is about how a girl named Ida and her father went for a tough yet memorable journey at a gold mining area to seek gold and make their living.

This narrative has such impressive reactions to the hardest and delicate moments of life. The things were never exaggerated nor explained in a subdued way. Ida’s character was so lovely, a child with an innocent heart who made the surroundings around her beautiful with love however harsh it may be. It’s amazing how the author describes Ida’s feelings when she is bared to some of the hard conditions of living where people can do the worst of things just for the sake of money. It was so beautiful how the story depicted the various changes in human behaviour and character through time and experience.

The author made me enchanted by her language. It felt like the language itself was breathing out fresh adventure of an unknown thing. The way the whole story was told, it never went boring. One would feel it difficult to remove his eyes from the book once started. And once finished, it would make you think about it for quite a while.

I would like to recommend it to all age groups.



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