Do you have a cat?

Oh Yesss!!

I do have a cat. But rather than owning him, he owns me. I seem to be a slave to him. Whenever His Highness wants to purr on my lap, I am forced to disband all my pens and notebooks from my lap to give him space. Whenever His Highness is hungry, I have to get out from my comfortable luxurious bed to go to the kitchen to give him fish.

And His Highness only wants fish or chicken. He is too rich for milk to feed his hungry stomach. That’s just a side drink you know, something whose work is completed in one lick or two.

Just woke up from sleep.

His Highness has a name: Nathu. We often call him Officer Nathu. He is an officer in true sense. After he stepped in our house, I bet you not a single cockroach survived alive in our house. Dead, however, for that we could present up an exhibition.

Time for some hunting!

He has many other names too. You see, being a cat he does not have a fixed religion in that sense. So he is very secular.

  • Hindu name: Anath Gosain
  • Islamic name: Nathullah
  • Buddhist name: Nathulama (Nathula)
  • Sikh name: Nathu Singh
  • Christian name: Nathaniel
Inside or Outside?

Occasionally, he takes the title ‘professor’ too. Like he becomes so philosophical and starts looking out from the window towards the sky with such a face that you cannot help but give him respect like a professor. But the next time you glance towards the window, he has dozed off!

Nap time!

He, for his part, loves studies. Like you would always find him sitting or sleeping over my books, notebooks, storybooks, textbooks, you name it. And just be ready with a newspaper, I bet you, he will come with all his aura and just sit over the newspaper.

Study session!

He loves family gatherings. Whenever my parents and I sit together talking about various matters, he comes between us and shows such an attitude as if he knows everything in this world and his presence is very important. ( for what you say in bengali: Onar dekha peye dhonno hoye gelam! )

An idle observer.

You see, if I start talking about Nathu, I’m likely to continue for a long time. So it would be better if I stop here.



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