Book Review_”Book”

Book by John Agard.


“Book” is a book where, instead of saying other’s stories, book talks about himself and the story of his life. With its witty expressions, he narrates the history of the evolution of book, not from clay tablets and papyrus, but from even before that.

Books are something which are not only used for reading, but sometimes holding it and flipping the pages gives you quite a pleasure. Whenever starting a new book or perhaps a second hand book, that particular musty smell of the book is enough to light up the flame of excitement within us. With all these feelings starting to ignite while opening this particular book, it was a kind of surprise and happiness at the same time to see that the context of the book was about the very thing on my hand.

Very much interesting, “Book” gives you an insight over the wonderful history of it. Never dull, it talks about the many facts, many ideas, many emotions revolving around the concept of book over the long period of time.

Mine was a complete personal relationship which I inherit from my parents. After reading this book, I can relate these feelings to the broader visions of various people in history. While reading, it felt that I was walking my path through the history of civilization and their corresponding culture with the book “Book” as my guide.

The style of writing is so fascinating! Covering all the facts plus emotions, it mixes them up so well that they can’t be separated. Also, the illustrations are very much supportive in a kind of way. Not disturbing your imagination, they just let you pursue it with a wider range.

This book is a must-read, as I believe, for all bibliophiles out there.


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