Sandakphu Trek- Day 1

Diary excerpts-

21st May, 2017

Manebhanjan, North Bengal

Today at sharp 11:00 am, we went out of the hotel, having chattu and coffee. Our rucksack contained of 3kg chattu, 1kg sugar, 10 packet coffee, 10 onions, some chillies and lemons. All of these to minimize our expenditure.

From Siliguri, we took an auto to Darjeeling More, and from there we took a jeep to Sukhiapokhri. Father having brought some mangoes, the journey became quite tasty. White cloud surrounded majestic mountains for view and juicy mangoes for tongue, a perfect scenario.


After reaching Sukhiapokhri, we went to Manebhanjan through a van. There we contacted Jibon Sir, who arranged us a guide cum porter, named Dawa Sherpa. It was planned that we would leave at 7:00 am. Cleaning ourselves up, we went for a small walk at the surrounding areas of the town Manebhanjan. It was so beautiful, and it made me double exited for the trek. Thick forest of pine trees beside us, narrow stone path winding inside the forest leading to rural settlements, and the best of all, the white-greyish clouds surrounding us at one moment and clearing out the other moment. All of it was just like a dream, so out of reality.


Coming back just now, Father have started making chattu makha and Mother went up to the kitchen to arrange for the dinner.




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