Problems in Harry Potter


Okay! I accept that there was a time when I used to be literally mad on Harry Potter. In those times I wanted so hard to believe there was a real Hogwarts. Every single article on Pottermore was read by me. I do not recall any moment where I did not think about Harry Potter.

But then various matter did influence my madness over Rowling’s creation. One was its popularity. Most of the people expressed their love to potter world when the topic arouse. Everyone praised it so much that I blindly accepted that it was the best series in the whole world. I remember, while reading the books, sometimes I came across parts where I felt the things were stupid. And I remember brushing off those thoughts just because no one else would think so. Rather I thought no one else would think so. Hence, in short, other’s opinion made me bury my own independent thoughts and opinions.

Now as I look back, lots of things come to my mind which I didn’t like. Well, the biggest thing I didn’t like  was the very concept of Hogwarts. Or any other wizardry and witchcraft school. Didn’t understand? I felt compressing this range-less wonder of magic into an academic concept, something wonderful as this magic world into a play which needs only a wand and few thousands spells utterly ridiculous.   I accept that just a flicker of wand and utterance of a spell cannot guarantee the desired magic to happen, one needs concentration and skill, as Rowling says. But still I felt the absence of an independent magical experience. I kinda expected like things in Hogwarts would breathe magic, like while reading the stories I would feel as if I’m in an absolutely other dimension, something very unknown and fascinating. And sadly, the Potter world failed to arouse these feelings in me.

There’s a word for the non-magical people in the Potter world- Muggle. What I feel is that Rowling took the basic imagined concept of magic, divided magic from muggle and composed a magical world whose base completely copied muggle style. She had tried to divide the magical and non-magical world, but then her own magical world had everything copied from the muggle world. May it be the concept of a boarding school, or the concept of a wedding party. And this differentiating of magical and non-magical on hereditary basis, it was something I couldn’t accept.

And somewhere, everything depended too much to the plot. In the first book, if Dumbledore hadn’t come by the right time, Harry could’ve died in his encounter with Quirrel. In the second book, Harry was saved by a mere matter of guess. For then he did not know about Horcruxes and piercing and tearing Voldemort’s special diary had been purely a matter of guess.

I do not say Harry Potter is the worst book ever. I say its not the best either.


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