Book Review_”The Accidental Prime Minister”


This narrative is about how a small boy named Joe, who was very sensible indeed to point out why alarm clocks are needed on early mondays, ends up being the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

The book, it is very humorous. You can’t help laughing at every page. It does haighlight many sensitive problems of kids like why people just say ‘LOL’ instead of really laughing out loud, or like why people do that silly handshake instead of that cool high-five. It also sorts out these problems by passing laws like there should be ‘one day a month where the teachers get to be the pupils and the pupils get to be the teachers.’

But while reading the book, the thing which poked me a lot was that I found were too much exagerated, or I might say simply out of reality. I tried to see those exaggerations symbolic, but failed to do so. I couldn’t quite take in the fun. But then when I started reading the book again with the eyes of a child who didn’t have civics or history in their syllabus, situations became brighter. When you don’t know anything about the world politics, it is easy to believe that an American president is more interested in knowing the baseball scores when in an international summit discussing upon war matters.

Well so, the book was overall a good one, the message being nice. Anyone who wants to have a good laugh would like this book.


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